At home at... Debby

March 17th 2013

Debby is a member of Orchids society Rotterdam since 2008. She has green fingers in her blood as born and raised in the Dutch region "Westland". And with parents working in horticulture, it was impossible that she wouldn't have a healthy interest for everything that grows and flourishes. She started out as a hobby with succulents. But trough her work, trough detours of work in bedding plants, catering and even hairpieces, wigs and toupees, she ended up working in the wonderful world of the orchid and this has become a very big hobby.

For "At Home with ... Debby" we were invited to her allotment where she has a nice greenhouse

Outside we almost stumbled over a hefty amount of Cymbidiums. Although she lost a lot of her plants around 2010 (miscreants had while it was night and 8 degrees below zero put the greenhouse door open) there were a lot of very nice big plants.

Lots of them were flowering.

But most attention was naturally for the greenhouse. Because it was still early in the season there was unfortunately very little in bloom. But we still have shot some very nice pictures.

Debby is often busy with the propagation of orchids and putting them on blocks. She does this on her own way and certainly not without merit.

Orchids on log, cork and spagnumgrids we knew already, but on shells was new to us.


Luckily we discovered some flowers that we obviously had to take pictures of.

Especially the Bulbophyllum ovatum bloomed beautiful.

We should definitely sometime go back to her greenhouse when more is in bloom.

Debby also makes pictures herself of her orchids. A selection of these can be found on her own photo page.