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Influence of a single species

The influence of a single species to nature and even scenery

We often hear the comment that if a plant or animal species will get extinct that is not so bad, "that’s nature". But that the loss of a single species can have enormous consequences can be seen in the reportage below where in the past extinct wolves are reintroduced in a national park.


Orchid Mantis - (Hymenopus Coronatus)

A Mantis that pretends to be an orchid.

Published on 12 Apr 2013 The Malaysian Orchid Mantis or Hymenopus Coronatus, lives on top of the Orchid Blossoms in the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. Their camouflage is so perectly adapted to their surroundings that it is almost impossible to say were the plant ends and the insect starts. The Orchid Mantis is a relatively normal






1 januari 1955
Makers: Polygoon-Profilti

Very old news bulletin.

Luckily things don’t goes this way anymore. But this movie is so much fun, that we didn’t want to keep it from you.


News from New Guinea: orchids, by Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator), is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike.

Newsreels in which Dutch subjects of a certain week are presented. On the rock Ifar in the Cyclops Mountains in the inlands of New Guinea orchids, a.o. the so-called New Guineas. Trees are taken down to obtain the rare orchids or Papuan people climb the lianas to the top to pick them. Then the flowers are sold in Hollandia.

June 7th 2012

Science Bulletins:

Scientists Radio-Track Orchid Bees

Orchid bee in closeup, a must see

June 6th 2012


Reinhartorchids placed a nice 38 second long movie on-line of a flowering Stanhopea.

They made a timelaps of 3 days of 1 image every 10 seconds. They got in total 23 minutes material. After editing it produced a very nice 38 seconds movie.


September 5th 2011

Extention of highway A4

Nieuwsitem around moving some rare orchids near highway A4




June 6th 2010

The "Orchideeënhoeve"

The "Orchideeënhoeve" (botanical garden inside a large greenhouse) is worthwhile to visit. Here some sneakpreviews in 2 seperate parts.

Part 1


Part 2


April 5th 2010

Orchiade 2010

At Hortus Botanicus Leiden.



May 13th 2009

Fly catching orchid I

(Porroglossum muscosum)


May 5th 2009

The largest orchid

The largest orchid of Europe in Haren.




April 10th 2008

Orchid's sexual deception

Orchid's sexual deception triggers ejaculation.



March 8th 2008

Orchideeën pollination.

The wonders of orchideeën pollination.



january 25th 2008

Charles Darwin was right.

It took more than 150 years, but finally there is proof that Charles Darwin was right.



February 9th 2007

Wilde orchid wasp mimic

David Attenborough - BBC.