Orchid disruption


Unfortunately, many municipalities and provinces do not yet or very badly comply with the protection legislation for wild orchids. Now we can of course nail those municipalities to the pillory, but consultation with these municipalities works much better. And fortunately almost all municipalities want the same as we do, to protect the wild orchids.

Wat can we do?

Often municipalities do not know at all that orchids grow at a certain place in their municipality or they do not recognize orchids at all when they already encounter them. There, as orchid enthusiasts (and often orchid connoisseurs), we can perhaps put our hand in our own bosom. If we do not report that orchids grow at a certain location, a municipality can not, for example, adjust its mowing policy.


If you encounter wild orchids in a field, park or roadside, do not automatically assume that the location is already known, but report it to:

And remember, better reported by 10 different people than once mowed.


And if you encounter orchid disturbances, you can of course take action yourself, but it is much better to report it to:

National Reporting Center for Orchid Disruption