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Orchid Society Rotterdam

(founded January 1968)


Management of the Orchid Society Rotterdam

President: Aloys Teunissen
Secretary: Cor Stuyts
Treasurer: Marian Smeele
Librarian: Cor Stuyts
member of the board: Pim van Bommel
Activities: Pim van Bommel
Sales, sponsorship: Gerard Hoogerwaard


Arij Koplaan 8
3132AA Vlaardingen



Want to become a member of our society?

Membership as of 1 jan 2020 is € 25,00 per year, so no real reason why you shouldn't join our socieaty. Familymembers even have to pay less, the can become a member for only € 7,50. Enrolment fee is € 5,00.


At some regular bases we are at garden centers etc to provide information to visitors.
If you want more information about what we can do for you, please use this online form.

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Orchid society Rotterdam has her meetings in 2013 in the club room of “Volkstuin society Dr. Moerman”. Street address is Arij Koplaan 8 3132AA Vlaardingen.

If your navigation doesn’t know Arij Koplaan 8, you could enter Arij Koplaan 2 or Scan the following geo location code for automatic navigation.

You can also manually enter longitude 51.90471 and 4.32101 latitude.


By public transport the “Volktuin society Dr. Moerman” it is about a8 minutes’ walk from Metro station Vlaardingen West.

You are welcome around 19:00 h. The meeting starts at 20:00 h and will usually end around 22:00 h.

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