Most orchids can't stand direct sunlight. Unfortunately it happens all too often that you get surprised by the sun in early spring (mid to late March) or that the sun in the middle of summer gets past the curtains and shines on the leave of, for example your Phalenopsis.

To know if there is any risk of damage to the leave, you can measure the temperature of the leave by hand feel. The leave should always feel cool. If the leave really feel warm, the plant must immediately be moved to a more shady place. After some days the sun-exposed leaves will show discoloration and get ugly brown dry spots.

Unfortunately, it is often nice new leaf affected and that disfigures your plant than for a long time. In severe burns the leaf dies after some time. The rest of your plant is probably just healthy and able to form new leaves and flourish.


Burn marks can be very serious,,

but can also have a more or less look natural and leaves a smooth purple glow.