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Orchid mites, or spider mites, are very harmful to orchid plants and can even kill orchids when left untreated. Catching a mite infestation early is crucial to treating the problem and restoring your orchid plant's health. You'll also need to be vigilant in treating the mite infestation, performing repeated treatments over the course of a month to completely eradicate the spider mites on your orchid. Using some common household supplies, you can kill mites on your orchid plant.




1 Detect a mite problem. If your orchid is infested with mites, you'll see yellow or brown spots on the leaves. You may also see tiny webs created by the spider mites.

2 Isolate the infested orchid plant from your other orchids and plants. Mites can travel easily and quickly from one orchid to another.

3 Spray and rinse your orchid with water. Wipe the leaves, including the undersides, with a cloth moistened with water and dishwashing soap.

4 Spray rubbing alcohol mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the orchid leaves, if you have a more severe or persistent mite infestation. Spray the orchid's leaves once per week for three to four weeks.

5 Apply neem oil to the leaves in the evenings by rubbing it on with a soft cloth. Make sure the neem oil has enough time during the night to kill the spider mites without any direct sunlight on the orchid plant.

Tips & Warnings

Mist your orchid plants often and keep the air around them humid to prevent spider mite infestations. The mites thrive in dry air and don't tolerate humidity very well.

You probably won't be able to see the actual spider mites on your orchid plant, because the mites are nearly microscopic in size. Instead, you'll need to diagnose a mite problem from the resulting damage to the orchid's leaves.

Be sure to keep your infested orchid isolated from your other plants until well after you're certain that the spider mites are completely gone.

Don't expect the spider mites to die after just one treatment. Killing the mites will take several treatments over the course of three weeks or more, because spider mites have a long life cycle.