At these pages you can find pictures taken by our members at home, during trips, excursions or exhibitions. The best pictures are available as mousepads through our web shop.


Would you like you're best pictures on this site just mail them to us.
All the contributions are and always will be owned by the contributors and will stay on this website as long as we are allowed by them to use them.

Don't you have the right equipment or possibility to take pictures with the desired quality, we will gladly help you by taking the pictures with our equipment.


A very important message for all the visitors.

Under the tab Hiking Areas you can fnd pictures of orchids growing in the wild.

Wild Orchids are very rare and therefore very protected. If you remove or disturb Orchids or the ground they grow in you can be fined, imprisoned or both.

If you find a removement or disturbance during you're walks or trips, you can report it at us, at the local autoritys or directly at the
National reportingpoint Orchid disturbance