Shows of fellow Orchid Societies

Many orchid societies have regular exhibitions and shows. We often visit those shows and often make some nice pictures.

On these pages you can find the photo records of our visits.


27-28 april 2013

Orchid Society Noord Brabant West Zeeland


Dendrobium fleckeri Dendrobium fleckeri Dendrobium fleckeri Capanemia uliginosa Capanemia uliginosa
phalaenopsis chibae phalaenopsis chibae Dendrobium hancockii Dendrobium hancockii Dendrobium hancockii
  Sometimes you find on the pictures more then you wish for. Of course we immediately informed the owner so he could take the proper precautions.    
Dendrobium hancockii Sedirea japonica Sedirea japonica Leptotes bicolor Leptotes bicolor
Capanemia uliginosa Cattleya aurantiaca Cattleya aurantiaca Coelogyne parishii Coelogyne parishii
Dendrobium aggregatum Dendrobium aggregatum Dendrobium aggregatum Dendrobium kingianum alba Dendrobium kingianum alba
Dendrobium tetragonum Dendrobium tetragonum Dendrochilum wenzelii Dendrochilum wenzelii Dendrochilum wenzelii
Masdevallia dynastes Phalaenopsis parishii Phalaenopsis parishii Phalaenopsis parishii Phalaenopsis penang girl_venosa x bellina wu
Phalaenopsis penang girl_venosa x bellina wu Platystele umbellata Platystele umbellata Pleurothallis heterophylla Pleurothallis heterophylla
Pleurothallis heterophylla Pleurothallis spec convergeas Pleurothallis spec convergeas pleurothallis tribuloides pleurothallis tribuloides
pleurothallis tribuloides smitinandia micrantha smitinandia micrantha Vanda coerulescens Vanda coerulescens
Vanda cristata Vanda cristata      


March 16th 2013
Orchid Society Brabant Zuid Oost


Coelogyne nitida Coelogyne nitida

Dracula lotax

Links Dracula species colombia

Dracula species colombia Dendrobium tetragonum
Dendrobium tetragonum Chiloschista pusilla Chiloschista pusilla Bulbophyllum grandiflora Bulbophyllum grandiflora
Harpophylla spicata Harphopylla spicata Baptistonia silvana Baptistonia silvana Pleurothallis cypripedioideae
Pleurothallis cypripedioideae Chytroglossa marileoniae Chytroglossa marileoniae Lepanthes escobariana Lockhartia lunifera
Lockhartia lunifera Lycaste reichenbachi Lycaste reichenbachii Pleurothallis divaricans Pleurothallis divaricans
Pleurothallis convergens Pleurothallis convergens Pleurothallis convergens Lepanthes terborchii Lepanthes terborchii