Review datum 6 april 2013


KB Orchideeën


KB Orchids
Albrandswaardseweg 100
3172 XC Poortugaal

Tel: +31 (010) 501 59 32
Fax: +31 (010) 501 80 85


Unfortunately KB Orchids now no longer exists.

KB Orchids was a good orchid grower.

Out of respect and because we always had very good contacts with them, we won't delete their review.


This year during “Kom in de kas” (“get in the greenhouse”, a national open door weekend at professional greenhouses) we were guests at  KB Orchids.
We have made ​​use of this opportunity to take a closer look at that breeder.
KB Orchids has been growing orchids since 1999 and they are fully specialized in Phalaenopsis.

“KB Orchideeën grows orchids since 1999.
We started growing orchids in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.
In 2001 we changed to a new nursery in Poortugaal, to make sure that the orchids grow in a perfect climate and that we get orchids that approve to the latest quality standards.”

Immediately upon entering you get overwhelmed by a huge number of flowering Orchids. The first greenhouse upon entering the greenhouse complex is divided into 2 layers. Through this construction KB Orchids had the opportunity to place the packing and shipping department at the ground floor. What immediately struck us was the great variety of Phalaenopsis.


Also we noticed a salmon pink variety we hadn’t seen before.


The young plants are on the top floor which is located just below the roof of the greenhouse. They have therefore the optimal amount of light.


The remaining greenhouses are built as more as conventional greenhouses.


The source of plant material of KB Orchids consists of plants in bottles. The collection of old bottles was nice material for some nice pictures.


Luckily we also got permission to take a look in “the kitchen”. This is a relatively small closed room with a very high temperature and humidity. At the top of the "Turkish bath" were the orchids who were still growing inside there bottles. It took some climbing and clambering into the small space, but eventually we were at the top of the room between the bottles. After the camera got used to the high humidity we were able to make some nice pictures.


Somewhat lower in the room were the plants that just came out of the bottles.


A part of the beautifull collection:





All in all, KB Orchids made a very good impression to us. As you would expect from a production grower the greenhouses looked neat and clean.
So if you are looking for some more special Phalaenopsis of very good quality and above all for a reasonable price, then KB Orchids definitely is a good choice.

And although for the more seasoned orchid hobbyists the Phalaenopsis sometimes is not very popular and they tend to be looking for the more special and often more difficult to keep orchids, KB Orchids is even for them worth a visit .

End score

Quality Orchids Very good
Impression greenhouse Very good
Impression website Good
Orchid species Phalaenopsis
Price Good
Sellingpoint Shop (openinghours, see website)
Payment Cash
Accessibility Good
Parkingspace Very good