Review datum 3 maart 2012

De Hoog Orchideeën
Vrederustlaan 10
2645 AW Delfgauw

Tel. 015-2620429

De Hoog is a family business since 1928 growing flowers such as chrysanthemums, roses, freesias, Strelitia and Cymbidium.
In 1990, the Supreme started cultivation of Dendrobium Nobile and has become a very sophisticated horticultural company with more than 30 years’ experience in the cultivation of orchids.

The provisional crown on their work is the construction of an ultramodern greenhouse at Overgauwseweg in Pijnacker, equipped with all modern techniques in the field of lighting, cooling and a new container system. They do this course in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. But despite all the technical equipment, the human hand is still indispensable for example the composition of the substrate, the substrate of the orchid.

By their very high knowledge of the cultivation of Dendrobium Nobilé they succeeded in getting orchids to bloom throughout the year. This gives them a unique opportunity to deliver flowering Dendrobium Nobilé all year round.



In 2012, De Hoog opened a new ultramodern greenhouse. This brings their total greenhouse area to 35,000 square meters.
At the same time, they started selling to individuals.


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De Hoog Orchids is fully dedicated to the cultivation and breeding of the Dendrobium Nobilé race. They have many different subspecies in their collection. However, this is the only orchid species they sell. Because of their great specialization and very good knowledge about these orchids the quality of the plants is very high.


End score

Quality Orchids Very good
Impression greenhouse Very good
Impression website Good
Orchid species Dendrobium Nobilé
Price Good
Sellingpoint Shop (openinghours, see website)
Accessibility Moderate
Parkingspace Very good